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Live Internet Leads

MarkSYS has teamed up with several internet publishers across the US to bring to you Live Internet Leads in real-time delivery!! See below for more information.

What are internet leads & how does it work? Publishers strategically place landing pages to target the type of leads that you want and optimize it to ensure maximum exposure. When a prospect types in certain key words (refinance, sell my house, homes for sell, insurance, etc.) their landing pages appear. If the prospect clicks on the landing page and fills out the information, that lead is sent directly through our management software and validated if it meets your criteria. The lead is automatically e-mailed to you with full contact information, so you can call them and close the sale.

Types of leads currently available:

  • Mortgage – Modification
  • Mortgage – Refinance
  • Mortgage – Purchase
  • Debt Settlement
  • Debt Settlement (Canadian Leads)
  • Real Estate – Sellers
  • Real Estate – Buyers

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