Every Door Direct Mail®

Every Door Direct Mail® - Simplified, location relevant marketing

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is a solution provided by the United States Postal Service® to market to your local audiences with a postcard, menu, or flyers. This is a cost effective way to engage audiences in a target geography with filters that allow you to select by age, income, or household size. Using our technology-enabled platform, you can easily create powerful campaigns to target audiences in your selected postal routes. Our client services team can help with your route selections, demographic filters, messaging, and campaign tracking so that you get the best returns on your marketing spend.

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Our Facility

MarkSYS Holdings, LLC is a 24 hr per day, 35,000+ square feet full service print and mail facility. The following security and access control procedures are in place due to the sensitivity of our client’s data, mail piece design, and overall privacy of not only our clients, but all of their marketing and communication documents.

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Marketing Simplified

Just like our slogan states, we have one solution for almost every need.


MarkSYS stands behind each and every one of their products to ensure maximum productivity.

Customer Service

Here at MarkSYS, we focus on customer service to ensure your experience with us is AMAZING!

What Our Clients Say

I was always hesitant to make a switch to another vendor. But once I saw a demo of their platform, all the services I could market with, and how easy it was to use, it was a no brainer.

Thomas, California

I have never had a better experience! Their system is easy to use, trackable, and most of all, I love to actually work with them. I feel like they are my partner, not my vendor!

Doug, Florida

With MarkSYS, I know our marketing gets out on time, gets in homes, and I can rely on them weekly to ensure our phones ring with our direct mail or any other channel of marketing we choose.

Karen, Texas

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