What We Do

MarkSYS (Marketing Systems) is a fully integrated, technology driven, marketing & communication company located in Rocklin, CA. Our mission is to provide our clientele a single point of access to upload, manage, and monitor all levels of their marketing & communication needs with our state of the art multi-media marketing platform. Our products and services include direct mail, printed promotional, SMS text, email marketing, ringless voicemail, call tracking, and much more. We continue to develop our technology and services by following trends and listening to our clients' needs and expectations. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your marketing and communication needs.

For a detailed demonstration of how our system works and what MarkSYS can do for you, please call us at 855-MarkSYS or email us at info@themarksys.com

Not Just a Vendor

Here at MarkSYS, we don’t think of ourselves as your vendor, we think of ourselves as your marketing partner. With this mentality, we focus on your growth, which will ultimately focus on our growth... and we can grow together! We listen to the needs and wants of our clients to help us create bigger things.


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Why Choose Us

Marketing Simplified

Just like our slogan states, we have one solution for almost every need.


MarkSYS stands behind each and every one of their products to ensure maximum productivity.

Customer Service

Here at MarkSYS, we focus on customer service to ensure your experience with us is AMAZING!

What Our Clients Say

I was always hesitant to make a switch to another vendor. But once I saw a demo of their platform, all the services I could market with, and how easy it was to use, it was a no brainer.

Thomas, California

I have never had a better experience! Their system is easy to use, trackable, and most of all, I love to actually work with them. I feel like they are my partner, not my vendor!

Doug, Florida

With MarkSYS, I know our marketing gets out on time, gets in homes, and I can rely on them weekly to ensure our phones ring with our direct mail or any other channel of marketing we choose.

Karen, Texas