5 Effective Ringless Voicemail Techniques for More Sales

A ringless voicemail is a message that you can send to a customer the same way a typical voicemail message is sent, except there is no ‘actual’ call or ‘ring’ accompanying it. So in essence, you’re not disturbing, inconveniencing or distracting anyone in the middle of their routine, which is often a pain point for people when dealing with telemarketing. Since they can listen to the voicemail at their convenience, they can take a calmer and more thought-out action in response.

Believe it or not, ringless voicemail can help you skyrocket your sales. Not sure how? Let’s jump right into the 5 Effective Ringless Voicemail Techniques that you should use starting today.

Communicate Your Message Clearly

The intent behind your voicemail is to persuade your prospects or customers to call you back. Therefore, make sure the message being sent is planned and thought out in advance.

It is crucial that you educate your customer well before pitching your compelling message. Ensure that your message gently touches the customer’s pain points.

Space Out Your Ringless Voicemail Message

Do you have a relative that blasts your phone with several calls a day and leaves several voicemails? If yes, you must know how annoying it can get trying to keep track of all the calls and messages.

It’s important that you space out the number of ringless voicemails you leave for your customers. For instance, if you call your potential customer four times every week and leave a voicemail every time – you’ll just irritate them to the point where they will not give you the time of the day.

Spacing out your calls will make you come across as less forceful and promotional. Furthermore, it will surely ensure that you are leaving a compelling voicemail every time.

Get Rid of the Sales Tone

Your customer probably receives close to a handful of calls, messages and voicemails from companies who offer services similar to yours. Most of the messages and calls have a sales tone, where the focus is on the product or service rather than the customer.

Therefore, it is critical that you use the effective, compelling tone keeping your target demographics in mind to prompt action.

Do Not Convey Product Information Directly in the Message

It would be beneficial to use the indirect advertisement approach and not communicate any product information when leaving a voicemail message.

Remember, your aim is to convince them to engage in conversation and not force them to buy your product.

Instead of telling them what you are trying to sell, talk to them about their challenges, how you can help them overcome these and why you are a better alternative than others.

Follow up with an Email

Follow up with your customer with an email after leaving the voicemail. When you do so, customers will be able to better recognize your brand and maybe do some supplementary research by accessing your website.

Furthermore, it is much easier to reply to emails versus voicemail, because emails can be saved for future reference.

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